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45th Anniversary – Sharon (Bookie) and Don

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 45 Wedding Anniversary! We were married when we were 16 and 18 years old. We were just kids. On our 25th Wedding Anniversary we took our vows a second time. Its not money or no money that has kept us together. Its not new cars, trucks, equipment, furniture, decore, jewellry, clothes or stuff that has kept us together. But we have stuck together like super… glue through the good and bad times. I’m looking forward to the next 45 years to see what is to come. We are blessed with our son and his wife, our daughter and our two grandsons (soon to be 3 grandchildren). We are blessed to have my 91 year old parents. They will be celebrating their 65 Wedding Anniversary in May.  We are blessed every morning to be able to feed my 92 year Father in Law in a nuring home. We are blessed by things that do not cost money! I am very grateful for our lives together.