Animal Shows

Funny Farm Animals Petting Zoo

The “Fun Farm Animals” offers education, excitement and fun with an assortment of farm animals. Fun Farm Animals have been in business for the past 21 years. They love sharing their happy healthy animals with children and adults of all ages. They offer a “Mobile Indoor Petting” that usually includes an assortment of bunnies, white doves, pot belly pig, white fantail pigeons, miniature call ducks, standard crested ducks, hens and roosters and two miniature pygmy goats and some surprises.


The birds are kept in cages but are easily viewed. The goats are kept in a pen but can be patted and fed. The bunnies and goats can be on our laps for patting. Fun Farm Animals takes pride in cleaning up after every event. The animal attendants present the animals and answer all questions. They make sure that the animals and your guests are comfortable at all times. They also bring sanitizer stations for all events.