Thank you from Santa – I ll will see you all Christmas Eve!

 We want to send a big “Thank You” for the 2014 Family Christmas Parties”

The word is out that this year’s “2014 Christmas Parties” have been a  huge success!!! We have heard feedback that everyone had a fantastic time. We are honoured to be part of your celebration year after year.

 Every year as Santa and Ms Claus arrive they hear the children talking with excitement. When they hear Santa’s Bells they know who has arrived!! Santa and Ms Claus are greeted with laughter, great big smiles and little hands wanting shake hands.  As everyone sits down while Ms Claus prepares to read the “Night Before Christmas”. Each year she reads this story. The magic begins when Ms Claus stops reading and asks Santa questions about the North Pole. Santa replies and answers the questions. The children are so in tune with what’s happening that they almost hold their breath. After the story ends the children go to Santa to tell their wishes as they receive a Christmas Treat Bag. Thank you for the Christmas Treat Bags that you so generously provide. Santa and Ms Claus depart with warm memories of each and every family.

 Santa & Mrs Claus 2005 001