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The History of Checkers the clown at Checkers Entertainment Services



In 1996 I enrolled in a personal interest course to be educated as a performer called Checkers the clown. This character was gained through an eight week educational course that was to act as a hobby. From this course identified an amazing journey that started to unfold. Checkers the clown started to get calls to perform at parties. At this point in my life I was a real person and a paid employee. My work schedule did not permit me to accept all bookings for Checkers the clown at events.

In 1997 the company I was working for moved to the United States. I was laid off my job. This enabled me through a learning process to identify my marketable strengths and that my hobby as Checkers the clown could be a viable business.

In 1998, I researched the necessary steps to own and operate my own business. This knowledge was very valuable to enable me to follow my passion of performing while gaining an insight into operating a successful business. The end result was I had to write a business plan. Ten out of 10 people agreed that my business plan would lead me to success.

In 1999 my business as Checker the clown took off with tiny steps in order to fill big shoes. As my business started to grow I identified that I was only one person. My clients started requesting that I assist with planning events. Thus Award Winning Checkers the clown grew into Checkers Entertainment Services and offered a variety of entertainers and services.

As a professional business operator I am committed to travel to conferences, gatherings, events etc. to research and seek only professional entertainers to work on my team. I work with very high standards.

In preparing the history and growth of my company I asked my contractors, agencies, entertainers the following question: What do I do differently that you appreciate.

This was their response:
1) We are paid fairly for each & every event
2) Shows extra appreciation with additional niceties such as: Timmie’s Gift Cards, pays for Coffee/Beverages, and keeps all our costumes and props clean (I do this so the entertainer can have a coffee and something to eat on the way home from an event)
3) Depending on job & location of, drives her own vehicle and takes us with her.
4) Supplies equipment & extra props for all events
5) Contracts are well written, & always have detailed instructions, & directions, etc.
6) Always conducts herself in a Positive, & Professional manner no matter what the situation.
7) Is absolutely on every occasion a pleasure to work for!!!

I am so proud of the Checkers Entertainment Teams!!!

My loyal teams, my fans, my clients and my family are the success of my business!!!!

In closing if you find yourself in a tight spot. 

Never Give Up!

No matter what age you are

 or what you look like

or where you live.

You can be whatever you want to be!!!

There is a rainbow out there with a pot of gold

just waiting for you!

Don’t be afraid!

Reach out and catch your DREAM!