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Tips for Checkers Entertainment Services

Are you working with a Small Budget?

These are great  tips!

Parade Duties: Have a parade with homemade musical props.

We have square sticks of wood with the lids off juice bottles that make a clatter noise.

Be creative with wooden spoons old pot lids, Bells, whistles.

You can also buy some awesome musical props

Bubble Station: We have many big wands that make gigantic bubbles.

At events we take at least 10 wands. The participants can come and go and play with bubbles.

You will need two buckets. One bucket is for the bubble wands and one other for bubble juice.

Our Secret Bubble Juice Recipe

3 litres. of water (12 cups)

1 cup dawn dish soap. (Yellow, orange or red works the best)

3 – 4 tbsp glycerine  Make the night before

Streamers: You can purchase streamers on sticks or streamers to fit on fingers. It’s a good idea to have a container that the streamers go back into. Otherwise they disappear.  We take 10 streamers.

Music: It’s very important that you have summer fun music. Perhaps someone in the community will have an amplifier and music play.

Hoola Hoops and Hoopa Balls: Where there is music people like to hoola hoop or bounce on hoopa balls. It’s a good idea to have a contained area that these props stay. We take 10 hoola hoops and 3 – 5 hoopa balls. Hoola hoops are great to make obstacle course.

Tattoos can be found at Dollar Stores. FUN FUN FUN

Funky Hair Colouring: Funky hair colour spray costs $2.00 per can. Each can cover 3 – 5 heads. Depending on how much spray you use per head. We try to keep a rule that its one colour per head otherwise the kids will just stand and ask you to keep colouring with different colours

Punch Balloons: These can be purchased . These are just as much fun as sculptured balloons but more durable with the sun and wind in the summer.

“Winner” Ribbons/Bookmarks:



The most important of the event is having fun together!