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Thank you ! Please consider Checkers Entertainment for your future events.


How are we coping at Checkers Entertainment?

At the first week of each January I contact all of my loyal clients. We talk about the New Year, what date they would like to have blocked for their 2020 events.

In February we started up with our first event.   In March my clients started cancelling their events.  I even mailed loot bags and stuffed animals for the children for a cancelled event so they wouldn’t be disappointed.  I was advised that I should stay home and be safe. I have done just that.

As of May, almost all of my scheduled events have been canceled for the 2020 year.    Starting in May I had events for every weekend up to the Saturday before Christmas – as of now I have only 3 tentative events left on my calendar.

I have operated Checkers Entertainment Service for more that 20 years. My business has flourished from one little Clown to an assortment of entertainers. I am proud of what I have done.  I have also created in 2019 Sharon Bells Studio.

Please consider Checkers Entertainment Services for you events when things get running again.  We appreciate your business and look forward to making your celebration special.

We have to make the most of what we have. We have to grateful for what has been given to us!

We will embrace what is coming to us and be Thankful!


Starlight Celebration 2017
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Checkers Team at Childrens Starlight Wish Foundation Fundraiser in Toronto


Brookfield Place is hosting its 20th Annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony 

in support of Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada. This spectacular

event is open to the Toronto community, and is a true celebration of the

season of giving.

Location Brookfield Place 181 Bay Street, Toronto, On M5J 2T3

Date November 16, 2017 Time 5 – 7 PM

The Checkers Team will be creating face painting and balloon sculptures


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Theres only 10 Fridays before Christmas! Checkers will assist you with Christmas Events NOW!


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Checkers Entertainment – Fall and Hallowe’en Events

The leaves rustle in the wind telling us that Fall is here.

Halloween parties are very popular with our Friendly Witches. We

 provide entertainment, face painting, balloons, candy floss, popcorn and

much more  for Hallowe’en and Fall Festivals.

The Checkers Team can decorate your house and business for fall

festivities and Thanksgiving.

We have everything you need for fall! 

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#witches #pumpkins #hauntedhouses #falldecorating #childrenhalloween






Checkers Entertainment Can Organize An Amazing Halloween Bash
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Halloween Fun

Are you looking to plan an incredible Halloween Fun

The Checkers Entertainment Services Team can take care of many of the details for you, such as themed characters. We have more than 200 costumes and 500 professional entertainers!

Checkers Entertainment Can Organize An Amazing Halloween Bash
Checkers Entertainment Can Organize An Amazing Halloween Bash
Holiday Treats - Santa Chocolates
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Checkers Top Christmas Party Planning Tips

If you have been elected or volunteered to plan the Christmas party this year, what are you going to do?

It might not seem very much like Christmas right now, but its time to get cracking and start planning your event…  The earlier you begin planning the more choices you’ll have available to you. If you are the first in line to ask, you will have the best choices of the date, time, venue and talent that you want. The secret to a good party is the advance planning. If you create excitement and anticipation for a great event, people will walk through the door in a party mood, ready to have a good time. By creating the atmosphere, people are given ‘cues’ to have a good time.

After working at so many parties over the years, we have learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t work. We would like to share them with you.

 The Big To Do List……..

  •  MUSIC
  • SET UP



If your event is a small organization, can you work cooperatively with another organization and share responsibilities and costs?

If your event is a large organization, can you split the day into two or three parties?

(A – L in the morning and M-Z in the afternoon) We have company that does three parties in on one day. (9-11 AM in the morning 1 – 3 PM early in the afternoon and 4 – 6 PM later in the day.

Can you enlist the support of young teens, who might be too cool to go to a family “kids” event? They are great for serving food, seating, decorating and giving out hand outs.


Large organizations may also consider Checkers strolling entertainers, meet and greet festive characters,  stilt-walkers, jugglers, face painters, balloonists, pick a treat out of a pocket characters, caricaturists,  magicians,  stage shows, musicians, seasonal clowns,  glitter tattoos, pictures with Santa, mascots (Rudolph, Frosty, Barney),  Ms Claus will assist with Santa pictures, elves to assist Santa with gifts and activities. Some locations may consider Checkers portable sleigh; inside or outside.  Don’t forget the Yummy Treats! We have fresh popcorn, candy floss and snow cones. We come with machines and attendants to serve your guests.

Do you have a master of ceremonies? A master of ceremonies is great for welcoming everyone, introducing the entertainment, directing the program, activities and thank you.


If you can have your party any day or time have you considered a Friday evening instead of a Saturday or Sunday? More halls and entertainers are available during these times and it frees-up more of those busy December weekend for visiting, shopping, baking and more time for you.

Another good choice for your event date is the last weekend of November. Your holiday party will likely be the first of the season and be a welcome diversion rather than one more thing to fit in on those busy December weekends.


If you are not lucky enough to have your own location on site, you probably book your location from year to year. Do you know that you can sometimes do this with entertainers, caterers, music and other elements to you party?

If you like the entertainers, Santa and music etc., and you want them back next year be sure to call in January to book them before someone else snaps them up. If you do leave it late, try calling anyway. We always have one day that never gets booked.


Little ones will be excited enough just coming to the party. Save the food (and sugar rush) until after the scheduled entertainment. The children will have an easier time sitting, and it gives them something to do while the entertainment is cleaning up before the giving of gifts and treats begin. Have the 6, 7, 8 year olds go to Santa first for a gift or a treat. This gives the little tikes a chance to see what is happening with the red and white man names Santa with the big white beard.

Schedule the entertainment at least one half hours into the party. Nothing disappoints like walking into a party as the entertainment is leaving.

Stick to your schedule for the entertainment. Many entertainers and Santas have more than one show a day during November and December. They must keep on time and to keep everyone happy.

Save all the handouts, like balloons until the end of the party. This way, the balloons aren’t popping or obstructing the view of others trying to see, take pictures of the entertainment or their child with Santa.


Do you have festive music playing as the guests arrive? The weather does not always put us in a holiday mood, but music is an instant remedy for that and assists to create that holiday excitement in each person as they come through the door.

Arrange seating to encourage parents to sit with their children for performances. This is the season of sharing and creating family memories. Both the parents and children will enjoy the show more by sharing it together.

Do you decorate your party location? We have inflatable snowmen, Christmas trees and Christmas blow ups for the Christmas themes. We have a portable sleigh that can be moved outside or inside with Santa.  With these seasonal effects the photos with Santa are fantastic! The Magic of Christmas!

Make sure that this is a smoke free event for the sake of everyones health and well being.

Does your entertainment match your theme for the party?

Posting flyers or placing invitations with pay cheques is a great way to announce the party, create excitement and the atmosphere of anticipation. Included with the invitations should be a contact telephone number,  directions to the event and the event agenda. It is important that guests know what time to arrive and whether to come hungry or not.


About Checkers Entertainment Services

Award winning “Checkers Entertainment Services” is a professional, reliable entertainment service you can trust. We are here to make your job easier, your seasonal party merrier and to create a fantastic celebration. Checkers Entertainment Services can solve your entertaining problems for this Christmas Season and for all coming events.

Let us take the hassle out of planning your event.  Call us now to see what we can do to assist your team.

Special Seasonal Promotion

Email Checkers Entertainment Services and type “HOH, HOH, HOH!!!!  Ask for your free proposal for your seasonal party….. You’ll get a $100 off your event with a minimum 3 hour booking.  Call 705-878-6852 or request a quote though our web page

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Hallowe’en Parties? We have Family Friendly Witches.

We have many treats for all your little spooksters this Hallowe’en. Our Pick a Pocket witches that carry treats in pockets to be picked. We have face painters that can create amazing faces and fun balloons for all the guests.

We have animal shows for Hallowe’en for the whole crowd to enjoy.

Don’t leave it too late there is only one Hallowe’en night. The Checkers Team are always booked early.

Candy Floss - Checkers Entertainment Services
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Yummy Carnival Treats

Remember when you could only get fresh candy floss, popcorn and snow cones once a year when the carnival came to town? It was a really yummy treat time for everyone! Now all your guests can have fun-filled memories eating yummy treats at your event.

Fresh Popped Popcorn comes complete with replica of an antique popcorn popper with the cart. Fresh popcorn servings include the popcorn bags, kernels, oil and salt.

Fresh Cotton Candy Floss machine sits on a table. If requested your guests can actually see the floss form through a see through bubble cover. Fresh cotton candy floss includes the specially pre-mixed sugar and the floss sticks.

Cold and Delicious Snow-kones machine creates the snow. The see through container keeps the ice cold. The Snow-Kone machine sits on a cart that will contains the flavours for the Snow Kones.

Candy Floss - Checkers Entertainment Services
Candy Floss Is Always A Hit With Kids Of All Ages
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She BnW_V3

Our caricature service promises nothing less then superior professionalism in combination with a fun, artistic spin that everyone will enjoy.

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2014 Christmas and Seasonal Events? Are you kidding?

Christmas - Santa Hat

Merry Christmas 2014!

Its hard to imagine that Christmas is coming when its so blistering hot outside.

Did you know that there are only 10 prime days to book Seasonal Parties?

We are less than 18 weeks from kicking off our Seasonal Parties.

Our dates fill up quickly.

Don’t be Disappointed book Early!



We offer early booking rate for events booked 3 months in advance.






Holiday Events

Christmas is Her Time of Year!



Christmas is Her Time of Year

Article from Kawartha

By Karen Y. Hogg






Entertaining is what Fenelon Falls area resident Sharon Bell is all about. In 1999 she started working as Checkers the clown. As her business grew clients started asking for different services and eventually she developed Checkers Entertainment Services. As that grew Sharon started to hand-pick professional entertainers and services from conferences around the world and to date she has a variety of 500 professionals she can call on for any number of events.

Clients ask Sharon to use her creative abilities to fill all the needs for all the needs for their creative events including all the details. “As one Christmas season closes we start to think about what we can provide for the next season,” says Sharon, adding that clients book from six months to two years ahead and she gives her clients a reminder in June to book their event location, caterers and entertainment. “It’s important to get entertainers booked that early, and the clients appreciate the reminder.”

With 10 prime dates leading up to Christmas and not counting weekdays, Sharon says that the Christmas season, which starts right after Halloween and runs to the last Sunday before Christmas, probably accounts for more than half her yearly income. The other half comes from events for birthdays, all the major holidays like Family Day, Canada Day and events of all kinds. “If a customer has a theme, I can create and plan what will fill their event needs, although I don’t do anything sinful or immoral,” she laughs. She adds that she creates the costumes for whatever is required and her mom actually sews them for her and she now has more than 200 outfits.

Doing a count down, 12 weeks—9weeks—six weeks to the start of the Christmas season helps with organization and while clients may not have a specific date when they call they must have a tentative date. If calls come in early enough she can accommodate all the holiday and Santa events.

All of the events Checker’s Entertainment Services provide are family oriented with Santa and Mrs. Claus being amongst the most popular. “I have Juno Award winning musicians that provide family shows, and we have animal shows, birds of prey and farm animals to name a few of the types of entertainment provided. “We even have done a farm petting zoo on the third floor of a Toronto high rise. We have professional face painters, balloonists, glitter tattoos, loot bags, pick-a-pocket children’s entertainers and an improv show.” Along with all that, and depending on the event, there’s a portable sleigh, popcorn, candy floss and snow cone machines. Whatever the need, this lady can provide everything from caricaturists to mascots. Not all the parties are for children as Sharon does opening events for high rises, home builders and year end parties for companies and corporations.

Although Sharon still does many events herself she always makes sure to go to larger events where she might have as many as 15 entertainers hired, she recalls one recent event where they had to accommodate 500 or more people.

“I’m fortunate to have a hubby who drives everywhere, helps pack and unpack and is also part of the act,” she admits.

Asked why her business is so successful, Sharon says she believes that providing the customer with exactly what you say you are going to provide, being reliable, trustworthy and honest and getting back to people quickly when they call has all been part of the equation.

This year she won the 2011 Readers Select Award Winner Favourite Children’s Entertainment.

Being organized is also a big part of success and Sharon is a very organized person, she writes all the client proposals, agreements for service, contractors agreements with all the details, invoices and orchestrates all the details from insurance and mileage and costs analysis to booking contractors and seeing that costumes get to their destinations on time. “People think it looks easy but the prep work is costly and time consuming. Still she admits she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I like the excitement of the Christmas Season it’s a challenge to put together an event and see it come off successfully. If the clients are happy, the contractors are happy, the families are happy then I’m happy.”

Checkers Entertainment Services can provide events all across the county. One of her largest this year saw her put twenty-four entertainers across Canada, two per province from B.C. to Nfld., for a chain store event. Sharon also does creative art workshops and laughter therapy presentations for special interest groups.

Asked why she does what she does, Sharon says, “It fulfils and challenges the creative passion in me.”

Checkers Entertainment

Have a Spooktacular Hallowe’en Party with Family Friendly Witches!!!

  Our Family Friendly Witches have been at the Northgate Shopping Mall in Northbay. Checkers team of  four friendly witches strolled the mall having the children pick their pockets. In addtion, Checkers Entertainment had a Spooktacular animal show that went with the theme of Hallowe’en. Everyone had a grand time. Everyone went home with treats and fun family memories.



Are you ready for your Christmas Event?
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Did you know that there are only 10 prime days to book Christmas Parties? 


Award winning “Checkers Entertainment Services” is a professional, reliable entertainment service you can trust. We are here to make your job easier, your seasonal party merrier and to create a fantastic celebration. Checkers Entertainment Service can solve your entertaining problems for this Christmas Season and for all coming events.

Don’t be disappointed book early!!

 Contact Checkers Entertainment Service and email or say “HOH, HOH, HOH!!!!”.  Then ask for your free proposal for your seasonal party….. You’ll get a $100 off your event with a minimum 3 hour booking. 

Canada Day Celebrations - Checkers Entertainment Services
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Canada Day

Oh Canada! The Checkers Entertainment Team loves celebrating our National holiday.

We are booking now for community events throughout Ontario. Our teams are all professional entertainers that consists of clowns, face painters, balloonists, shows,  magicians, musicians,  strolling entertainment, stilt walkers, jugglers, carnival fun games, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Sno-Cones and more.

Canada Day Celebrations - Checkers Entertainment Services
Canada Day Celebrations