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Thank you ! Please consider Checkers Entertainment for your future events.


How are we coping at Checkers Entertainment?

At the first week of each January I contact all of my loyal clients. We talk about the New Year, what date they would like to have blocked for their 2020 events.

In February we started up with our first event.   In March my clients started cancelling their events.  I even mailed loot bags and stuffed animals for the children for a cancelled event so they wouldn’t be disappointed.  I was advised that I should stay home and be safe. I have done just that.

As of May, almost all of my scheduled events have been canceled for the 2020 year.    Starting in May I had events for every weekend up to the Saturday before Christmas – as of now I have only 3 tentative events left on my calendar.

I have operated Checkers Entertainment Service for more that 20 years. My business has flourished from one little Clown to an assortment of entertainers. I am proud of what I have done.  I have also created in 2019 Sharon Bells Studio.

Please consider Checkers Entertainment Services for you events when things get running again.  We appreciate your business and look forward to making your celebration special.

We have to make the most of what we have. We have to grateful for what has been given to us!

We will embrace what is coming to us and be Thankful!


Jugglers Three Great Fun!
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Looking for something a little different for your Christmas Event?

We are exited to have this troupe with the Checkers Entertainment Team

they have a vast repertoire of skills includes 7 ball and 5 club juggling,

ball spinning, unicycling, stilt walking, rola bola and yo-yo to name but a few!

Wouldn’t you love them to come to your event?

The Checkers Team will travel to your event


call or text 705-878-6852

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Art Workshops

We are proud to present Free Flow Fun Art. Please note that there is no requirement to be an inspired, educated or a gifted artist. This workshop is for a fun and a time to relax.

There will be no judging or critiquing of any art produced. Your art work will be original and as unique as you are.

Sharon Bell has been a creative face painter for 20 years. She has traveled to educate herself by professional face artists from around the world.

As Sharon developed her love for face painting something happened.  She started to paiKawartha Art Gallery Anual Jured Show 2016nt one of kind unique paintings. To her surprise she was accepted into many art shows. In 2016  she won a Jurors Choice Award at the Kawartha Art Gallery.

Saying this she goes with no preconceived idea when she starts to paint. She lets the thoughts go from her soul, to her head and out her finger tips. The Free Flow approach that is always rewarding, fulfilling and fun.

She encourages everyone to try Free Flow Art. Many people will say I can’t paint. Everyone can paint!!! We were all born with an artistic ability.  Its that fluff ball in your head that says you can’t paint. Don’t listen to that little fluff ball you can paint and you can enjoy painting.


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Winter Fun Promotions


There is still time left to book your event!

Checkers Entertainment can help you plan a fun winter event for everyone to enjoy!

Book before March 30th and get in on the 50%  savings 🙂

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Fundraisers for Trillium Lakeland Schools
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Looking for a Fundraiser idea for your School, Brownies, Scouts?

Checkers Entertainment will donate one Birthday Party per year to each school for your next fundraiser. In addition we offer this to all non profit groups.

We will forward you a flyer to post for silent auction or you may want to sell tickets for a draw. What cash you get from the draw is to be given to your cause.

Contact Sharon for your flyer


Review from Brownnie UnBirthday Party
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Review from the Brownie UnBirthday Party

Lauren Vivian (LOON) Review of the Brownie Un Birthday Party

I was so impressed. The girls had an amazing time.

Checkers kept things moving very well and got everyone involved.

We loved the jokes and magic.

I heard from parents that kids where very excited to tell them all about the party.

I had only found out Thursday that there have been some terrible people

dressing as clowns. I wasn’t sure how things would go but you are the

furthest thing from scary. This party ended up being very good timing.

Checkers made a lot of girls believe in magic.

Thank you again for everything.

I will be happy to keep promoting you to anyone who might need a

little Checkers in their party.
Best wishes for a safe and happy fall.

Brownies UnBirthday Party
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Brownies UnBirthday Party for the Troupe in Beaverton

Checkers Entertainment was invited to an UnBirthday Party for  Brownies

and Girl Guides in Beaverton.

What a Great Idea! Everyone celebrated birthdays together as a Team!

Checkers came in her festive attire and presented a Fun Family Show.

She provided singing, magic, story telling, audience participation and

Great Big Belly Laughs!

Prior to the event the leaders prepared Checkers colouring sheet for a contest.

Checkers judged all the beautiful colouring sheets. She just could not choose a

“Winner”. Checkers asked the Brownies and Girl Guilds if they thought they

could all be “Winners”. The girls agreed  they could all be Winners.

Everyone went home proudly with custom “Winner” ribbons from Checkers. 

What a send off home knowing that each girl was a “WINNER” .


Kawartha Art Gallery Anual Jured Show 2016
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Exquisite Works by the Kawartha Art Gallery Members

Kawartha Art Gallery – 2016 Jurors Choice Award

“Mystical Creatures Down Under” by Sharon Bell was honoured to be chosen

for the 2016 Juror’s Choice Award.

Thank you to  The Grand Experience on Kent Street in Lindsay for their

generous sponsorship Awarded.

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Team Building, Workshops & Presentations

The History of Checkers the clown at Checkers Entertainment Services



In 1996 I enrolled in a personal interest course to be educated as a performer called Checkers the clown. This character was gained through an eight week educational course that was to act as a hobby. From this course identified an amazing journey that started to unfold. Checkers the clown started to get calls to perform at parties. At this point in my life I was a real person and a paid employee. My work schedule did not permit me to accept all bookings for Checkers the clown at events.

In 1997 the company I was working for moved to the United States. I was laid off my job. This enabled me through a learning process to identify my marketable strengths and that my hobby as Checkers the clown could be a viable business.

In 1998, I researched the necessary steps to own and operate my own business. This knowledge was very valuable to enable me to follow my passion of performing while gaining an insight into operating a successful business. The end result was I had to write a business plan. Ten out of 10 people agreed that my business plan would lead me to success.

In 1999 my business as Checker the clown took off with tiny steps in order to fill big shoes. As my business started to grow I identified that I was only one person. My clients started requesting that I assist with planning events. Thus Award Winning Checkers the clown grew into Checkers Entertainment Services and offered a variety of entertainers and services.

As a professional business operator I am committed to travel to conferences, gatherings, events etc. to research and seek only professional entertainers to work on my team. I work with very high standards.

In preparing the history and growth of my company I asked my contractors, agencies, entertainers the following question: What do I do differently that you appreciate.

This was their response:
1) We are paid fairly for each & every event
2) Shows extra appreciation with additional niceties such as: Timmie’s Gift Cards, pays for Coffee/Beverages, and keeps all our costumes and props clean (I do this so the entertainer can have a coffee and something to eat on the way home from an event)
3) Depending on job & location of, drives her own vehicle and takes us with her.
4) Supplies equipment & extra props for all events
5) Contracts are well written, & always have detailed instructions, & directions, etc.
6) Always conducts herself in a Positive, & Professional manner no matter what the situation.
7) Is absolutely on every occasion a pleasure to work for!!!

I am so proud of the Checkers Entertainment Teams!!!

My loyal teams, my fans, my clients and my family are the success of my business!!!!

In closing if you find yourself in a tight spot. 

Never Give Up!

No matter what age you are

 or what you look like

or where you live.

You can be whatever you want to be!!!

There is a rainbow out there with a pot of gold

just waiting for you!

Don’t be afraid!

Reach out and catch your DREAM!

Party Planning Tips - Checkers Entertainment Services, ON
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Birthday Party Tips

Planning A Party? Here Are Some Tips From The Checkers Entertainment Team

  • Invite your guests at least one half hour before your entertainer arrives. It’s more fun to be at the party early to create excitement for when the entertainer arrives.
  • Have name tags for all the participants.
  • Turn off all televisions & radios.
  • Make sure your batteries are charged for your camera. Have your camera or telephone handy for unexpected surprises.
  • Keep the adult noise to a minimum. It’s hard for the entertainer and the children to stay focused through talking.

We Recommend That You:

  • First – Have your entertainment.
  • Second – Open the gifts.
  • Last – Have the food last so you won’t have to deal with a small crowd on a sugar buzz. Send them home with a sugar buzz!!!! Your day will be less stressful.

2 Final Reminders:

  • NO SMOKING!!!! Some children and adults are allergic to cigarette smoke.
  • Enjoy The Day – don’t sweat the small stuff, like the mess you can clean up later.

Party Planning Tips - Checkers Entertainment Services, ON

Bookie Bell's Professional Entertainers
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Happy 14th Anniversary Checkers Entertainment Service

We officially launched Checkers Entertainment Service in March 1999.

Bookie Bell's Professional Entertainers
Bookie Bell’s Professional Entertainers

The business has grown from one little clown (Checkers)  to more than 500 professional entertainers across Canada, United States and England.

Our award-winning service provides crisp, clean, professional entertainment for family, corporate and special events. We are professional entertainers working together, making all events special.

Year after year, our events are booked several months in advance because our entertainers are just plain fun to work with.



Clowns Canada Logo
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The “Checkers Promise”

Several years ago, I entered a Clowns Canada contest. Contest participants were asked to send in a slogan or a pledge.

I submitted the  “Checkers Promise”, and won!

Clowns Canada Logo
Clowns Canada

I wrote the  “Checkers Promise”  for our children’s workshops. Entertainers at Checkers Entertainment Services wanted a way to encourage all participants (children and adults) to have respect for one another. Sometimes the best inspiration is when you least expect it, I woke up out of a sleep one night and wrote this promise:


Put Your Hand Over Your Heart,

And Repeat The Following:

 I  promise to be good,

 To have fun, 

To have respect for other people,

Look at everyone and and Smile!

and to make the world a happier place to live.

Now Look At Everyone And Smile!!!!!

Face Painting Artists, Face Painting Workshop, Professional Entertainers

World Body Painting Festival 2013

World Body Painting FestivalFabulous Body Painting!

Checkers Entertainment has been to the World Body Painting!

Photo by Lieven Leroy @ World Bodypainting Festival 2013

Stress Relief - Art Workshops
Creative Art Energizes

Introducing Creative Art Therapy Workshops

We are proud to present creative art workshops. These workshops are offered to explore healing therapy through art. Please note that there are no requirements to be an inspired, educated or a gifted artist.

Stress Relief - Art Workshops

Our mission at “Creative Art Therapy Workshops” is to give everyone the courage to develop the art that we all have inside our souls. Many of us have developed blockages in our mind, body and spirit as young children or adults. In this program we have found that these blockages can be released. By being free of our blocks we can allow ourselves to grow. Through our safe non threatening workshops we create new energies. There will be no judging or critiquing of any art produced. Your art work will become as original and as unique as you are. The unrestricted flow of images and colours will bring healing and insights. In creating your own art there are no mistakes.

Creative art is a piece of paper, water and paint. What really counts is your life, your feelings, how you respond, how you hold yourself to the truth and how you allow your expressions to come forth.

Contact us though our web page or call 705-878-6852 to book a workshop at your location or our studio.

Who Do You Know That Isn't Stress? Ask Us About Our Laughter Therapy Presentations
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Looking To Make Your Conference Memorable?

Laughter Therapy

Sharon (Bookie) Bell has been offering “Laughter Therapy Presentation” in the work place with award winning results for over 15 years. Our“Laughter Therapy Presentations” have identified that there is a greater need for stress relief in all walks of life. Who do you know that isn’t stressed out? The formula for stress relief is to have fun in your life with giggles and laughter. As Bookie Bell shares her journey, she will inspire, motivate and create laughter like no other have ever heard. She is a must for your next presentation!

Who Do You Know That Isn't Stress? Ask Us About Our Laughter Therapy Presentations
Who Do You Know That Isn’t Stress? Ask Us About Our Laughter Therapy Presentations