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The “Checkers Promise”

Several years ago, I entered a Clowns Canada contest. Contest participants were asked to send in a slogan or a pledge.

I submitted the  “Checkers Promise”, and won!

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I wrote the  “Checkers Promise”  for our children’s workshops. Entertainers at Checkers Entertainment Services wanted a way to encourage all participants (children and adults) to have respect for one another. Sometimes the best inspiration is when you least expect it, I woke up out of a sleep one night and wrote this promise:


Put Your Hand Over Your Heart,

And Repeat The Following:

 I  promise to be good,

 To have fun, 

To have respect for other people,

Look at everyone and and Smile!

and to make the world a happier place to live.

Now Look At Everyone And Smile!!!!!

Bookie Bell as Checkers The Clown
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Rotman Nomination – Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year

A special thank-you to Stu Harrison for announcing my nomination for the Rotman Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.

Bookie Bell as Checkers The Clown
Bookie Bell as Checkers The Clown