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Uh Oh… Look who got caught taking it easy!


News Flash!

Mrs Claus has too much time on her hands!

Caught taking a break in the holiday season – this can’t be true!

Shes a fantastic Christmas entertainer and storyteller.
Not many days left before she goes back to the North Pole. Contact Ms Claus to bring merriment to your event!

705 878-6852

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Christmas Party Entertainment at it’s finest

From Santa to Elf we have what you need to make your

Christmas party rememberable!



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Checkers Top Christmas Party Planning Tips

If you have been elected or volunteered to plan the Christmas party this year, what are you going to do?

It might not seem very much like Christmas right now, but its time to get cracking and start planning your event…  The earlier you begin planning the more choices you’ll have available to you. If you are the first in line to ask, you will have the best choices of the date, time, venue and talent that you want. The secret to a good party is the advance planning. If you create excitement and anticipation for a great event, people will walk through the door in a party mood, ready to have a good time. By creating the atmosphere, people are given ‘cues’ to have a good time.

After working at so many parties over the years, we have learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t work. We would like to share them with you.

 The Big To Do List……..

  •  MUSIC
  • SET UP



If your event is a small organization, can you work cooperatively with another organization and share responsibilities and costs?

If your event is a large organization, can you split the day into two or three parties?

(A – L in the morning and M-Z in the afternoon) We have company that does three parties in on one day. (9-11 AM in the morning 1 – 3 PM early in the afternoon and 4 – 6 PM later in the day.

Can you enlist the support of young teens, who might be too cool to go to a family “kids” event? They are great for serving food, seating, decorating and giving out hand outs.


Large organizations may also consider Checkers strolling entertainers, meet and greet festive characters,  stilt-walkers, jugglers, face painters, balloonists, pick a treat out of a pocket characters, caricaturists,  magicians,  stage shows, musicians, seasonal clowns,  glitter tattoos, pictures with Santa, mascots (Rudolph, Frosty, Barney),  Ms Claus will assist with Santa pictures, elves to assist Santa with gifts and activities. Some locations may consider Checkers portable sleigh; inside or outside.  Don’t forget the Yummy Treats! We have fresh popcorn, candy floss and snow cones. We come with machines and attendants to serve your guests.

Do you have a master of ceremonies? A master of ceremonies is great for welcoming everyone, introducing the entertainment, directing the program, activities and thank you.


If you can have your party any day or time have you considered a Friday evening instead of a Saturday or Sunday? More halls and entertainers are available during these times and it frees-up more of those busy December weekend for visiting, shopping, baking and more time for you.

Another good choice for your event date is the last weekend of November. Your holiday party will likely be the first of the season and be a welcome diversion rather than one more thing to fit in on those busy December weekends.


If you are not lucky enough to have your own location on site, you probably book your location from year to year. Do you know that you can sometimes do this with entertainers, caterers, music and other elements to you party?

If you like the entertainers, Santa and music etc., and you want them back next year be sure to call in January to book them before someone else snaps them up. If you do leave it late, try calling anyway. We always have one day that never gets booked.


Little ones will be excited enough just coming to the party. Save the food (and sugar rush) until after the scheduled entertainment. The children will have an easier time sitting, and it gives them something to do while the entertainment is cleaning up before the giving of gifts and treats begin. Have the 6, 7, 8 year olds go to Santa first for a gift or a treat. This gives the little tikes a chance to see what is happening with the red and white man names Santa with the big white beard.

Schedule the entertainment at least one half hours into the party. Nothing disappoints like walking into a party as the entertainment is leaving.

Stick to your schedule for the entertainment. Many entertainers and Santas have more than one show a day during November and December. They must keep on time and to keep everyone happy.

Save all the handouts, like balloons until the end of the party. This way, the balloons aren’t popping or obstructing the view of others trying to see, take pictures of the entertainment or their child with Santa.


Do you have festive music playing as the guests arrive? The weather does not always put us in a holiday mood, but music is an instant remedy for that and assists to create that holiday excitement in each person as they come through the door.

Arrange seating to encourage parents to sit with their children for performances. This is the season of sharing and creating family memories. Both the parents and children will enjoy the show more by sharing it together.

Do you decorate your party location? We have inflatable snowmen, Christmas trees and Christmas blow ups for the Christmas themes. We have a portable sleigh that can be moved outside or inside with Santa.  With these seasonal effects the photos with Santa are fantastic! The Magic of Christmas!

Make sure that this is a smoke free event for the sake of everyones health and well being.

Does your entertainment match your theme for the party?

Posting flyers or placing invitations with pay cheques is a great way to announce the party, create excitement and the atmosphere of anticipation. Included with the invitations should be a contact telephone number,  directions to the event and the event agenda. It is important that guests know what time to arrive and whether to come hungry or not.


About Checkers Entertainment Services

Award winning “Checkers Entertainment Services” is a professional, reliable entertainment service you can trust. We are here to make your job easier, your seasonal party merrier and to create a fantastic celebration. Checkers Entertainment Services can solve your entertaining problems for this Christmas Season and for all coming events.

Let us take the hassle out of planning your event.  Call us now to see what we can do to assist your team.

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Christmas Is Her Time Of Year – Kawartha Life Magazine

You can view this previous issues online:

We’re thrilled that Kawartha Life featured us

Kawartha Life - Checkers Entertainment Services
Kawartha Life – Christmas Edition 2011

In this article we remind everyone to book their holiday parties well in advance to guarantee the date.  We offer early booking discounts for any bookings made more than 6 months in advance. Our Christmas parties are spectacular. In addition to our main attractions – Santa and Ms. Claus, we have more than 200 other themed characters such as  Rudolf and Frosty that can be booked for events.

We also talk about our most memorable events, including  a petting zoo that we organized on the 3rd floor of a high-rise!

Are you ready for your Christmas Event?
Christmas, Holiday Events, Professional Entertainers, Santa & Ms Claus


Did you know that there are only 10 prime days to book Christmas Parties? 


Award winning “Checkers Entertainment Services” is a professional, reliable entertainment service you can trust. We are here to make your job easier, your seasonal party merrier and to create a fantastic celebration. Checkers Entertainment Service can solve your entertaining problems for this Christmas Season and for all coming events.

Don’t be disappointed book early!!

 Contact Checkers Entertainment Service and email or say “HOH, HOH, HOH!!!!”.  Then ask for your free proposal for your seasonal party….. You’ll get a $100 off your event with a minimum 3 hour booking. 

Happy New Year
Christmas, Community Events, Corporate Events, Holiday Events, Santa & Ms Claus

Happy New Year

We hope this finds you well and ready to kick-start your event planning for 2012!

Happy New Year
Happy New Year - Book Your 2012 Christmas Parties and Holiday Celebrations Now

The Checkers Entertainment Services Team is taking booking dates now for Christmas and other Holiday parties. There are only 10 prime dates in November and December to book Seasonal Events. Book now to make sure you get the date you want and your favourite entertainers.

Did you know that by the end of January we are booked 6 months – 1 year ahead? Don’t be disappointed. Book Early!