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Character Development with the Drama Class at Fenelon Falls Secondary School

Developing a Unique Character

Presented by Sharon(Bookie) Bell


What makes you different form every other entertainer/actor/musician/clown?  You’re unique personally and character which is supported and enhanced by the makeup used and clothes worn. Yet, being a character involves more than just putting on some makeup and a costume, your personality or flavour that you add distinguishes you from all the other entertainers and makes you recognizable.

Your character is a person you create with personality traits likes and dislikes, goals and desires, strengths and weakness. Your character has a unique way of looking at the world. That personality should connect in some way with who you are. It might be an exaggeration of your own personality traits. It might be driven by a wish fulfillment, or an expression of your sense of humour.

To be really successful creating a character, you must find the character that is in you. This is what makes developing your character difficult. You must find it in yourself. Nobody else can tell you what it should be. Being in makeup and costume can free inhibitions. This may give a quiet person the freedom to be boisterous, but a quiet person can’t force himself to be boisterous because somebody said he should. Your character has to be a personality you like and are comfortable with, because you will spend a lot of time being that character.

Character Development Workshops are offered January and February of each year.  Booking dates fill up quickly. Email by October 1 to reserve your class workshop.

High School Drama Program
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New Program – High School Drama

We’re pleased to offer the Checkers Drama Program. This program will assist with the necessary steps to create a fun character, make that character real and the art of learning to perform. The program touches on building self-esteem, respecting other people, the importance of education and making an entertainment career a reality.

This program is available year round. Contact us for more details.

High School Drama Program
High School Drama Program