Halloween, Professional Entertainers

Hallowe’en Parties? We have Family Friendly Witches.

We have many treats for all your little spooksters this Hallowe’en. Our Pick a Pocket witches that carry treats in pockets to be picked. We have face painters that can create amazing faces and fun balloons for all the guests.

We have animal shows for Hallowe’en for the whole crowd to enjoy.

Don’t leave it too late there is only one Hallowe’en night. The Checkers Team are always booked early.

Checkers Entertainment

Have a Spooktacular Hallowe’en Party with Family Friendly Witches!!!

  Our Family Friendly Witches have been at the Northgate Shopping Mall in Northbay. Checkers team of  four friendly witches strolled the mall having the children pick their pockets. In addtion, Checkers Entertainment had a Spooktacular animal show that went with the theme of Hallowe’en. Everyone had a grand time. Everyone went home with treats and fun family memories.