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Art Workshops

We are proud to present Free Flow Fun Art. Please note that there is no requirement to be an inspired, educated or a gifted artist. This workshop is for a fun and a time to relax.

There will be no judging or critiquing of any art produced. Your art work will be original and as unique as you are.

Sharon Bell has been a creative face painter for 20 years. She has traveled to educate herself by professional face artists from around the world.

As Sharon developed her love for face painting something happened.  She started to paiKawartha Art Gallery Anual Jured Show 2016nt one of kind unique paintings. To her surprise she was accepted into many art shows. In 2016  she won a Jurors Choice Award at the Kawartha Art Gallery.

Saying this she goes with no preconceived idea when she starts to paint. She lets the thoughts go from her soul, to her head and out her finger tips. The Free Flow approach that is always rewarding, fulfilling and fun.

She encourages everyone to try Free Flow Art. Many people will say I can’t paint. Everyone can paint!!! We were all born with an artistic ability.  Its that fluff ball in your head that says you can’t paint. Don’t listen to that little fluff ball you can paint and you can enjoy painting.


Stress Relief - Art Workshops
Creative Art Energizes

Introducing Creative Art Therapy Workshops

We are proud to present creative art workshops. These workshops are offered to explore healing therapy through art. Please note that there are no requirements to be an inspired, educated or a gifted artist.

Stress Relief - Art Workshops

Our mission at “Creative Art Therapy Workshops” is to give everyone the courage to develop the art that we all have inside our souls. Many of us have developed blockages in our mind, body and spirit as young children or adults. In this program we have found that these blockages can be released. By being free of our blocks we can allow ourselves to grow. Through our safe non threatening workshops we create new energies. There will be no judging or critiquing of any art produced. Your art work will become as original and as unique as you are. The unrestricted flow of images and colours will bring healing and insights. In creating your own art there are no mistakes.

Creative art is a piece of paper, water and paint. What really counts is your life, your feelings, how you respond, how you hold yourself to the truth and how you allow your expressions to come forth.

Contact us though our web page or call 705-878-6852 to book a workshop at your location or our studio.

High School Drama Program
Professional Entertainers, School Programs

New Program – High School Drama

We’re pleased to offer the Checkers Drama Program. This program will assist with the necessary steps to create a fun character, make that character real and the art of learning to perform. The program touches on building self-esteem, respecting other people, the importance of education and making an entertainment career a reality.

This program is available year round. Contact us for more details.

High School Drama Program
High School Drama Program